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December 2014 NZ 2014 Block Offer (09 December)
Forbes Article (05 December)
November 2014 News Article: "Bass Strait Set to Cover Gas Shortages" (08 November)
News Article: "Bass Strait Set to Cover Gas Shortages" (07 November)
Oilbarrel Presentation (07 November)
Stocktube interview Andy Carroll (05 November)
October 2014 Birmingham Presentation (27 October)
Video Update from Cross Roads-1 (15 October)
September 2014 Oilbarrel: Mosman's Share Price Almost Trebles After Six Months on London's AIM (22 September)
Video Update from Petroleum Creek (14 September)
July 2014 BRR Media Interview Andy Carroll (03 July)
Mosman Presentation at Oilbarrel Conference (02 July)
Stock Tube interview Andy Carroll (02 July)
June 2014 Mosman to Present at Proactive Investors: One2One Investor Forum, London - 10 July (20 June)
Proactive Investors: Mosman raises £3mln and expands Petroleum Creek programme (20 June)
Mosman to Present at Oilbarrel Conference, London - 2 July (19 June)
Story in Local 'Greymouth Star' Newspaper (17 June)
Proactive Investors: Mosman hails continued excellent results from NZ well (16 June)
Proactive Investors: Shares Soar on NZ Oil Discovery (13 June)
SPE News Australasia: Oil Encountered in NZ South Island Onshore Well (10 June)
Oilbarrel: Petroleum Creek - First Well Has Oil Shows (10 June)
Greymouth Star News: Drillers Tap into Kotuku Oil Seep (10 June)
Proactive Investors: Early shows from Petroleum Creek (09 June)
Proactive Investors: Mosman Kicks Off Petroleum Creek Drilling (06 June)
May 2014 Oilbarrel: Mosman Oil and Gas Adds a Third Well Site (29 May)
Oilbarrel: Mosman Oil & Gas gets closer to drilling its first New Zealand wells just weeks after its IPO (13 May)
Proactive Investors: Mosman Oil & Gas has lots to enthuse over down under (07 May)
April 2014 Drill Force Heading to Westland for Mosman Programme (29 April)
March 2014 Proactive Investors: Mosman makes progress as it earmarks first two drill locations ... (25 March)