Company Overview

Mosman is admitted to the AIM market of the London Stock Exchange plc.

Mosman operates in politically stable countries with a strategy of expansion through Organic growth (exploration of existing permits) and Strategic growth (acquisition of new permits, mergers or takeovers).  

Mosman strategic objective remains to identify opportunities which will provide operating cash flow and have development upside, in conjunction with exploration of  existing exploration permits.

The Board continues to build a sustainable company by means of organic growth and acquisitions.


Net Production attributable to Mosman for the year ended 30 June 2022 was 37,915 boe, an increase of 15,091 boe, or 66% from the year ended 30 June 2021 of 22,842 boe.

Production Summary
  Year ended
30 June 2022
Year ended
30 June 2021
  boe boe
  Gross Project Production Net Production to Mosman Gross Project Production Net Production to Mosman
Falcon 29,114 21,836 18,897 9,448
Stanley 26,212 9,746 45,309 7,296
Greater Stanley 1,530 306 1,588 342
Winters 14,726 3,456 - -
Arkoma 10,294 2,571 5,033 1,257
Welch (sold) - - 5,846 4,481
Total 81,876 37,915 76,473 22,824

The Net Production of 37,915 boe produced in the financial year consisted of 10,827 barrels of oil and 157,109 MMBtu of gas. The average sale prices achieved during the June 2022 quarter was US$109.24 per barrel for oil and US$5.81 per MMBtu for gas. (March quarter was US$89.53 and US$4.13) (in each case after transport and processing costs but before royalties).